Friday, September 12, 2008

Percival the Plain Little Caterpillar

I have this book that I love called "Percival the Plain Little Caterpillar". The story is about Percival noticing the different colors that are around him & on different creatures. He notices the green on a frog, the red on ladybugs, the blue on the dragonfly, the pink of the lizards tongue, the purple spots on the lizards back, the yellow on the bumblebee, and he realizes how plain he is & wishes he were those beautiful colors. Then he falls asleep in his cocoon & dreams about all of the different colors he sees. When he wakes up, he is a beautiful butterfly!!!
This story is so much like we are. Many times we find ourselves feeling plain compared to the model on TV or in the magazines, or even our best friend. But as we experience life & go through the growth process, we too begin to see the beauty that is within us all. It may take months or even years for us to fully grasp that beauty, but if we look hard enough & learn from the challenges that are given to us, we will find it.

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Heidi Murray said...

I love what you are doing! It's a great cause. Your efforts will bless so many women.