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Riddle Me Peter Winslow

I stumbled upon a couple of different sites today about inner beauty and wanted to share this article from both of them. I actually copied this from the original author's site at with Peter Winslow. You can get more information from below. But the site I found this on is

Do you have a definitive answer to this puzzler?

  • You can’t fake it, but you can definitely hide it.
  • You can’t buy or sell it, but it never stops giving to those who have it.
  • When you have it, you are much loved and pursued for it.

Got it? If you need a little more to go on, most people have chimed in with answers like love, wisdom, and happiness. Some offer these conclusions: integrity, compassion, character, honor, dignity, passion, altruism, and a few more along these lines. Who is correct?

Well, it seems to me that everyone is. And what does this constellation of responses bring into your mind? What do all these inferences have in common? We could say that they all demonstrate an ineffable essence that can only be found within us. These are all measures of what we might call inner beauty.
There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about the elusive qualities of inner beauty. There’s even a TV program that entertains its audience by lampooning the visually stunning contestants for their apparent lack of “true” beauty. More and more, this type of beauty seems to be missing in action, and it’s all too easy to make sport of those who’ve never much considered it.

So, what is inner beauty – and more to the point – how do you get it?

It seems likely that a path to inner beauty, if there is such a thing, must lead directly to the core of the individual. Begin thinking of it as the intuitive “heart and soul” within you. The ancient Greeks believed that a person’s soul resided in the heart muscle, and their early anatomical scientists often dissected the organ searching for evidence. Today this age-old analogy offers us an inkling of the divine wisdom we harbor within us, even when unaware of its presence. We intuit that everyone is beautiful on the inside, yet finding this in ourselves can be a challenge.

We’ve all met people seemingly filled with “inner beauty”? What was it about them that you recognized? This is a very significant question if you know the ancient philosophy that teaches a very profound axiom: we are not able to recognize in others that which we do not ourselves possess. At some level of being, you are no different than those you admire, or you could not have recognized inner beauty in them. What you found so attractive about them is a relevant insight to your own inner beauty.

There is nothing more exciting or powerful than discovering this wonderful truth about yourself. Information like this will shatter the old self-image with its criticisms, aspersions and fears, while laying the groundwork for a new way to experience the world in which you live.
As inner beauty grows, your life experience begins to change in a profoundly positive way. Gone is fear, shame, insecurity, and the harsh and judgmental inner critic. the wretched life story of the oppressed – the fear-filled, shameful, insecurity and deeply flawed creature huddled under the damning glare of a the harsh and judgmental inner critic. What replaces such baser behaviors that is the most wonderful and useful asset in the world – the power that comes with loving yourself unconditionally. You become magnetically attractive by allowing your inner light to shine through and radiate out to the people you meet; you even appear more beautiful on the outside, looking and feeling healthier, happier, more vibrant and alive with passion and vigor.

The reward of such awareness is much more than you can imagine. It is communion with the source of love – which is self-love – and the integrity to meaningfully communicate it to the world around you. People then recognize their own inner beauty in you, and that is a definition of true love: the recognition of oneself in another.

Share your inner beauty and make things happen the way you would have them – from the most important virtue to the least significant event. Choose the inner beauty path and become more loving and giving, healthy and fit, happy and self-confident. Enjoy high self-esteem, truly loving relationships, and a harmonious living environment.
To achieve this, you Then you must first develop the self-love from which these things arise and take form. You stand at the threshold of a journey like no other - an adventure that leads to the very heart of your being. This is where science and spirituality come together, deep inside your self. Claim your personal power and reap the many rewards of lasting self-love, your true inner beauty.

Peter Winslow, DcH is a Life Coach and Counselor. He connects his clients to their inner power for life changing results. He offers services, products and information for optimal health, happiness and personal enlightenment.

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