Sunday, June 14, 2009


I Am Divine
I looked in the mirror the other day--"You are divine" I heard a voice sayMy eyes were wide with much surprise,"Oh no I'm not, just see my eyes.They're much too small, I wish they were blue."The voice came again, "You are joyful and true."
I looked at my neighbor with such a sigh,"You are so thin!" was my weak cry.She seemed quite stunned, then said to me"Things aren't always what you see,I'd give anything if I were youFor you are righteous and truthful too."
I picked a book up off the shelf,Then knew I couldn't live with myselfI promptly put it in its place,then felt the Spirit taking place,"I knew you'd pick the one you shouldYou thirst for knowledge--That is good!"
I told my brother, "It's not funny,You are so rich with money!"He said, "I'm rich, that much is trueBut I would rather be like you.You're honest, good and always kind.People like you are hard to find."
It took a while but I caught on,And soon my list of wishes was gone.How blessed I am from up aboveWith God and friends and joy and love.No money can buy these gifts of mineI'm a daughter of God, and I'm divine!
(Author Unknown, from "Very Valuable Values for Young Women", Vol. 2, pg.17

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100 pounds gone! :-) said...

Beautiful post! I worked with young woman for years and years and always instilled this message.